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Shop Artificial Moss Walls Online at Treesy Green

Artificial moss walls are the ideal way to add a bit of foliage to your life - giving that nature effect in your home or office environment. Not only do our artificial moss walls look great but they’re also fantastic to use as a privacy screen, divide a room or simply add a splash of colour to your designated area. Moss walls are also proven to promote wellbeing in the workplace.

Some of the key benefits of purchasing an artificial moss or plant wall as opposed to real plants are:

Artificial moss walls are all pet friendly if well maintained, our moss walls can potentially last a lifetime. No maintenance is required for any of our green moss wall panels.

What to Consider When Buying an Artificial Moss Wall?

What Type of Moss Do You Want?

At Treesy Green, we offer a range of moss walls that have different types of moss & plants attached. We have reindeer moss, and bun moss available to suit the desired look you are trying to achieve

What Else To Add To Your Artificial Moss Wall?

While our artificial moss walls are beautiful on their own, you might want to also consider adding some additional items to your wall to really make it stand out. Things that our customers often add include LED light strips, Neon signs, string lights and artificial plants that can be added to your taste.

Whatever you choose, adding an artificial moss wall is a great way to bring some life into your home or office but they can be used literally anywhere and are the ultimate backdrop or feature wall for any photo!

Artificial Moss Walls Delivered across the UK

Moss walls are held in stock at our UK warehouse and can typically be delivered within 3-5 days, we recommend you check the product description as some designs can take slightly longer due to their complexity however delivery within the UK will cost as little as £9.99

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do We Make Our Artificial Moss Walls?

We take great care when it comes to producing our Moss walls to make sure we
produce high quality and good looking moss walls for your office, home, or venue.
This involves hand making some designs adding each plant style to get the best
possible finish to each panel. This is just one reason why customers choose Treesy
Green for their moss walls as you can be certain each one has had our personal seal
of approval.

Do Artificial Moss Walls Come With Installation Instructions?

Each of our Moss walls comes with instructions to help you install them however as a
way to explain this in a few simple steps we have listed the basics for you below:

- Measure the area
- Cut the walls to size
- Attach using screws or adhesive strips
- Add finishing touches to the wall

We do also offer a nationwide installation service and our team of experts can provide
you with a bespoke quotation if needed.

How to Take Care of Your Artificial Moss Wall?

Taking care of your moss wall is easy and there are simple steps to taking care of
your artificial moss panels which include keeping your wall clean by dusting &
vacuuming it regularly or wiping with a damp cloth. Our moss walls are very durable
and are designed to be easy to clean to ensure they look great for many years to

Can I Install My Artificial Moss Wall Anywhere?

All our artificial moss wall panels can be installed inside or outside and are extremely
durable, they are all UV stable and so wont fade in direct sunlight and are guaranteed
to provide the same look and feel for many years to come.