Artificial Flower Walls

Flower walls are quickly becoming a popular choice when it comes to creating a floral
look in your home, office, salon, or venue. Our flower walls have all been
designed to provide the look and feel of real flowers whilst also ensuring you
have a feature that will last for years to come & require no maintenance.

Flower walls are also fantastic for events and provide the ultimate backdrop
for photographs and selfies.

Some of the benefits of purchasing an artificial flower wall over real flowers are:

  • Artificial flowers will last for many years to come and look as good as they did when you bought them
  • Artificial flower walls do not need any ongoing maintenance 
  • Artificial flower wall panels can be fixed to almost any surface making them a great choice for covering ugly surfaces
  • Artificial flower walls come in sections and can be fixed to each other or cut down making them suitable for spaces of all sizes

All our artificial flower wall panels are handmade and we have tried to create a range that provides plenty of variety including hydrangeas, peonies, roses,
eucalyptus and many more combinations and colours to provide a finished product
that is very full, luxurious, and impactful.

What To Consider When Ordering Your Flower Wall

What colour scheme do you want?

At Treesy Green we offer a wide range of options for your flower wall including many different styles of plants and artificial flowers. It’s recommended that you choose your ideal colour palette before ordering your wall and we would normally advise sticking to one style of panel on the same wall to achieve a more realistic look and feel.

What Else can i add to my flower wall?

We have made sure our flower walls can have things added to them with ease for example neon signs, more flowers, string lights and much more.

Artificial Flower Wall Panels Delivered Nationwide

Flower Walls are made to order and we advise our customer that delivery will take between 7-10 working days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use My Artificial Flower Walls Outside?

You can use your flower wall outside if it is taken indoors once finished with. This is to protect the flowers from weather damage.

How Do I Keep My Flower Wall Clean?

You can keep your artificial flower wall panels clean by using a light duster or a damp cloth.

How Do I Fasten the Flower Wall Panels Together?

You can fasten the flower wall panels together by interlocking the fittings around each edge.

Are Artificial Flower Walls Good for Workplaces?

Yes, you can use artificial flower walls in your business, home, salon, restaurant, or even at an event.