Home Text Light Bulb And Table Lamp


Unique LED filament Text Light Bulb. A light Bulb like no other...  LED Filament Text Bulbs that we designed to bring a unique, ultra-cool vibe to your home

The Bulbs are a standard E27 Edison screw fitting, they are a 4 Watt and 230V. LED filaments offer a much longer life span of 25,000 hours of light. The bulbs are FULLY dimmable to help you get just the right level of brightness for your space.

The base is made of wood and has a felt base making it suitable for any surface.


  • Wooden base desk lamp
  • Dimmiable light
  • Unique LED Text filament shape
  • Dimmer fitted to mains cable
  • Easy to assemble
  • E27 edison screw fitting
  • 25,000 hours of light

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