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Artificial Topiary trees are just as attractive as their natural counterparts. Our Topiary trees are made from high-quality materials and are designed to look like real the real thing. Additionally, Our Topiary trees come in different shapes and sizes meaning you can make them suit any location. This range includes boxwood spiral trees, cedar cypress, as well as bay laurel trees. Whether you’re trying to decorate your home or impress your visitors and style your office or venue, we've got you covered.

Our range of artificial topiary trees provide you that instant wow factor. And because our trees are easy to care for, they’re the perfect choice for busier
people who want to enjoy the beauty of nature without the hassle of watering and trimming.

 Our artificial topiary trees are often bought in pairs as they make the perfect entrance to our property really making your entrance stand out. The best part is they will do this all year round without the need for any trimming or watering.

So if you're looking for artificial topiary trees that are both beautiful and easy to care for, be sure to check out our range at Treesy Green. You won't be disappointed!

Artificial Topiary Trees Delivered Across The UK

Nationwide delivery for all our artifiical topiary trees costs as little as £9.99 and as we hold all our plants and trees in stock here in the UK delivery is normally 3-5 days

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Care For Your Artificial Topiary Tree?

Artificial topiary trees are a great addition to your home or business but how can you best care for them? Here are our top tips:

Dust the leaves and branches regularly with a soft cloth or brush

For trees that do not state they are UV stable, try to keep out of direct sunlight as this can cause discolouration or fading of leaves

Follow the above tips and your artificial tree will look great year on year!

How Long Will My Topiary Tree Last?

Artificial topiary trees will last a very long time. We have customers who have still got their trees 5 years after they arrived, and they look just as good today as the day they bought them. We recommend giving them a clean once a year just to get the cobwebs off but that is really all the care that is needed.

Can Artificial Topiary Trees Be Placed in Pots?

Yes, infact we recommend you place them in pots to complete the look, they have a 16cm diameter at the base, so you just need to consider this when potting your artificial topiary trees.

Are Topiary Trees Suitable As Gifts?

We do often provide our artificial topiary trees to customer who have bought them as a gift, they are a great gift idea for someone who likes the look of topiary trees but doesn’t have the capacity to maintain something home grown.