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Shop Artificial Plants Online At Treesy Green

Artificial plants are a great way to style your home instantly. Our range of realistic artificial plants require zero maintenance and will add a splash of colour and nature to your space without having to worry about trying to maintain healthy leaves.

Artificial plants can be quite hard to find in the UK - that's where we come in. We have tried to create this stunning range of ultra realistic artificial plants to suit any space. They are a great way to style your home, office, restaurant, or venue with some calming foliage or flowers. We have artificial plants in different sizes and some of them even come pre potted so you dont need to worry about a thing. Why not browse our range today and find your favourite plants to decorate your interior.

What To Consider When Buying Realistic Artificial Plants

Where to put your artificial plants for maximum effect

The beauty of buying realisting artificial plants in the UK is that no matter where you place them around the house or office they will look just as good all year round, you no longer need to think about where there will be sunlight or how often they need watering. Simply position your artificial plants and enjoy them for years to come.

Will realistic artificial plants look good alongside my real plants?

Yes! infact many of our customers who have an interest in plants position our realistic artificial plants alongside their home grown plants and they fit right in. Our artificial plants are very realistic and in some cases its almost impossible to tell the difference.

Artificial Plants Delivered Across The UK

All our artificial plants are held in stock here in the UK and our standard delivery takes 3-5 days and costs as little as £9.99

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Artificial Plants Be Left Outside?

In most cases you can leave our range of artificial plants outside in the UK without any trouble at all. They are all waterproof and not sensitive to shade or needing direct sunlight.

How To Clean Artificial Plants?

Cleaning realistic artificial plants is really easy. We recommend using a damp cloth or duster every so often to keep them looking in tip top condition.

How To Pot An Artificial Plant?

Many of our artificial plants come in pots. When your new artificial plant arrives you can either use the pot it comes in and display as it is, or you can place them inside your very own container.

What Are The Best Artificial Plants?

Choosing the best artificial plant really comes down to personal choice, however we have a range of realistic artificial plants to suit all tastes and spaces so why not view the range and see what takes your fancy.

What Other Artificial Plants Do We Sell?

We offer a complete range of not only artificial plants - but artificial trees as well. We sell a solid range of artificial trees that come in the styles of Ficus Trees, Palm Trees, Topiary Trees, Olive Trees, Cherry Blossom Trees & Bay Trees. Liven up your space today!